About Emily



What’s to know?

I’m a hopeless foodie, a word nerd and a perfectionist, all of which are essential qualities in the career I’ve chosen.

I started my career in commercial food product development, and quickly discovered I didn’t like it that much! What I did like was the writing, marketing and content creation which surrounds a brand or product, so I turned my attention to recipe development and writing, which are both key components of launching and maintaining a food brand’s presence in the market.

A few random facts:

  • I get particular thrills from cooking a dish everyone in my house will eat (rare with three critical mouths to feed)

  • I love perfect summer cherries and gritty true crime podcasts in equal measure.

  • I once created a series of commercial production recipes and food safety guidelines for a granola and cookies factory (that I owned). Incidentally, once you’ve baked the same cookies thousands of times, it’s much easier not to eat your profits.

  • I spent a good while writing countless tips and recipes to go on chicken and turkey packages for supermarket shelves. Did you know turkey and chicken actually cook quite differently and that each has an affinity for different seasonings? Yep, I’m a full bottle on poultry trivia.

  • I’ve written about kitchen utensils and appliances from blenders to pressure cookers and frying pans to wooden spoons, as well as ovens, cooktops and stoves, dishwashers, microwaves and steam ovens. I liked writing steam oven recipes so much I started a whole separate website about them!

  • Do qualifications matter? You tell me. I’ve got a degree in Journalism and Nutrition, and in the past five years I’ve undertaken professional development and training in copywriting, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), food photography, food blogging, recipe writing, ghostwriting and technical writing for the web. I’m a graduate of the Recipe for SEO Success, a member of the Clever Copywriting School and Food Blogger Entrepreneurs, and, just for kicks, the Vice President of the Parents & Citizens Association at my kids’ school.